LassenPhoto is the vision of Michael Lassen Patitucci based on his powerful and intimate connection with nature.

Photography B.A.California State University, Sacramento

Life long, commercial fisherman – Kodiak Island Archipelago, Alaska




Life has always been influenced by the wild, to which I give my biggest respects. First two years of my life, I lived on ocean in a grungy, little, commercial fishing boat, in the middle of Alaska’s winter. Wilderness has supported me, especially renewable resources of wild Alaskan salmon and halibut, along with other game from rabbits to bear. My life has never been a guarantee, but of ebb and flow of nature, unexpected, unlimited possibilities. How long will that bear continue to stalk me before it takes my life? Is that shark going to scare fish into our salmon seine (a 1/4 mile net) or scare fish back out?